Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Your Ultimate Publicity Game Plan

Steve Harrison
Insider Secret #1:  A writer for the New York Times and Inc. Magazine will
reveal the key elements to telling your story in a way that makes editors and journalists say, “Wow!  I love it!”
Insider Secret #2:  A veteran producer will tell you what you should do before you contact a national TV producer to increase your odds of getting booked on national TV. 
Insider Secret #3:  A former Oprah producer will share a simple strategy for using YouTube to get producers to book you – especially if you’ve never been on national TV before.
Insider Secret #4:  How to get major national coverage even if you don’t have a book.  I’ll give you the simple strategy I shared with a CEO of a very unglamorous business that landed him on the CBS Evening News.  You can do it too.
Insider Secret #5:  The very first thing you should say on the phone or in your email to a producer or editor to have them stop everything and say, “Tell me more.”
Insider Secret #6:  How to create the Ultimate Publicity Game Plan for you and what you’re promoting.   We’ll show you how to make the task of getting the word out about your book, product or service less overwhelming and doable.
Insider Secret #7:  How to become a “go-to guest” that the media calls again and again.