Sunday, April 10, 2016

Profit Pyramid

In your business, Profit Pyramid gives you:

  • visual chart you can use in presentations and when networking to capture interest from potential clients
  • A simple and powerful way to create focus, freedom and income
  • A step by step tool (plus beautifully designed graphical handout) you can include in a live program retreat for your 1-on-1 or group clients
  • tool you can use in your own business to organize your ideas into a profitable sequence
  • Workshop content — Profit Pyramid® fits easily into a portion of a 1-3 day workshop format
You'll learn how to coach your clients to:
  • Easily organize their ideas into a simple, streamlined flow of offers so they can plan their year and predict their income
  • "Stack" their offers so one leads naturally to another, creating a cascade of cash flow month after month
  • Stop giving away all their time on their least income producing activities (the Profit Pyramid system practically does this coaching for you)