Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Secret Pathway to More Income and Impact

Why is it so amazing? Because I have been invited to collaborate with 3 other INCREDIBLE women for this free LIVE event and they will all be sharing their amazing talents and gifts with you.

  • Julie Serot will teach you about how to manifest what you want and create the life you desire. 
  • Devani Freeman is a social media expert who is going to share with you how heart-centered businesses can gain a HUGE following and make a huge impact through social media.
  • Marcie Peters is going to share with you her incredible secrets to healthy living. Health is so incredibly important if you are going to make your purpose your livelihood. And as we all know, when we look and feel good we gain confidence! Which is crucial to living your purpose in so many ways.
  • And of course I will be there to teach about how to use your divine gifts to align your purpose and prosperity so you can make create the wealth and impact you desire.