Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Remote Viewing Online Training Course

The Remote Viewing Online Training Course
Remote Viewing is the ability to extend your perceptions across space and time. It is a
technology of consciousness that allows you to collect accurate, verifiable information about places, people, and events far removed from your physical body.
We often think of special gifts like these—if we believe in them at all—as exclusive to psychics or oracles. But in David Morehouse’s experience, there’s nothing “supernatural” about Remote Viewing: it’s an innate human ability, one that we can all develop. And when you do access ability, you will develop a rock-solid certainty in these fundamental truths:
  • You are more than just a physical being
  • You can receive information that you could not get from your five senses
  • You will know that this information could not have come from your ego, imagination, or subconscious mind
  • You will know that your human potential far exceeds the limits we have been taught to believe
  • You are directly connected to the living consciousness of the universe