Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Original Path to Ecstasy and Healing

Can ecstatic movement and sound be the next revolution in spirituality and healing? This is the premise
behind Shaking, a radical audio-learning course from pioneering psychotherapist, world explorer, and author Bradford Keeney.
Forget everything you’ve thought to be true about spiritual practice and the healing arts. On Shaking, Bradford Keeney will take you to the very beginning, to the time “when all things were complete in matters of mystery and the spirit.”
Rediscovering the World’s Oldest Healing Tradition
Almost 20 years ago, Bradford Keeney was at the top of his profession, directing doctoral programs in family therapy, working at prestigious institutions, and writing books still deemed classics in the field of psychotherapy. Yet one day, he walked away from his career and traveled the globe to study the world’s indigenous healing arts.
For more than 10 years, Keeney regularly visited and lived with the Kalahari Bushmen of Africa—humanity’s oldest living culture—where he learned the practice of “shaking medicine.” On Shaking, this “American shaman” reveals the ancient use of spontaneous motion and vocal expression as a path to spiritual ecstasy and healing—and how this primal art is readily available to assist people in any culture.
Drawing on his popular international workshops, Keeney leads you through six provocative sessions of high-energy, full-body interactive learning. Unconventional exercises, improvisational drumming, and music will get you shaking your way to wisdom and well-being. And Keeney’s shamanic insights will challenge your deepest-held beliefs to access a long-forgotten opening for divine connection and healing.