Tuesday, July 5, 2016

new understanding of medicinal herbs, aromatherapy and even spirituality

Plants are the vehicles that bring us the energy of the sun and the nutrients of
the soil that we need for life. Understanding their therapeutic powers in both medical and spiritual ways gives us a deeper cosmological view and a more dynamic relationship with the life force around us. Medicinal plants in particular can help us cultivate more prana or chi, and heal and harmonize our bodily systems.
This knowledge is vital to navigating the many stressors of life, from work to the challenges of aging. Proper use of medicinal plants can help make you more centered, healthy and vibrant – rebuilding your immune system, detoxifying your organs and tissues, and mitigating the effects of aging.
There is perhaps no better guide for this new paradigm of relating to medicinal plants than Floracopeia founder David Crow, who unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices.