Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Add Magic to Everything You Do

Internationally acclaimed intuitive counselor and spiritual advisor Radleigh Valentine has
felt a connection to the divine since an early age, and in this warm, welcoming conversation, he explains how we can all bring the divine into our lives. Radleigh discusses his background, from growing up gay in the conservative southeast of the United States and how that experience drove him to seek an “alternative spirituality,” to his first encounter with his primary guardian angel, Joshua, and how the teachings of John Holland and Doreen Virtue (the latter of which Radleigh has co-authored numerous angel books and card decks with) helped to usher him along his path to his ultimate calling: bringing the magic back into people’s lives. Radleigh shares what it means to live a magical life, tips for waking ourselves up to the magic that’s always around us, and the lessons his recent marriage has taught him about the universe.