Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Power of Ceremony · · · · ·

  • Three leading shamanic teachers share their insights on ceremony—what it is, how it
    works, and why it is a natural practice for growth and transformation
  • Sandra Ingerman takes you on a drumming journey to meet an ancestral spirit and receive their love and support
  • José Luis Stevens reveals the elements of potent ceremony—including framing your intention, dropping into the field of the heart, and invoking a spiritual witness
  • don Oscar Miro-Quesada guides you into the embodied experience of receiving wisdom and blessings from the Upper World
  • Using ceremony to access the limitless support of spiritual helpers, ancestors, and nature
  • How you can learn to create your own ceremonies to ignite real change in yourself, your community, and your world,+Tara+Brach,+and+HeatherAsh+Amara&_bta_tid=027474282621392260977734893393639514146189165604836821460055301179075260384511789427078025954911703042&_bta_c=5o8lykeuz0l26rahfgr8afyjoynz9