Friday, May 12, 2017

Overcome Your Food Addictions by Connecting to Spirit and Eating Naturally

Natural-food champion and author of 10-Minute Recipes Liana Werner-Gray believes that
you can live healthfully right now. In this invigorating talk, Liana busts the myth that natural eating is impossibly difficult and time-consuming, explaining instead that it’s a prime way to feel your best and connect with Spirit. With Liana’s guidance and tasty recipes, shifting your diet from one that centers on junk food to one that focuses on nature’s beauty is easier than ever. Liana offers many tips throughout the interview, from starting each morning with an alkalizing lemon water to ending each night with a soothing ginger tea. Use cleaner ingredients to switch up your favorite junk foods—the more you upgrade what goes into your meals, the less you’ll crave unhealthy options.