Friday, May 26, 2017

Anger Only Gets You So Far

At age 19, Dana Liesegang, author of the memoir Falling Up, was raped by a fellow navy
sailor who then threw her off a 75-foot cliff. Somehow Dana survived the fall, and even more miraculously, she found a way to view the attack—which left her with a quadriplegic spinal cord injury—as a gift. Of course, it took her 21 angry, defiant years in a wheelchair to reach that viewpoint. In this inspiring interview, Dana details her journey from anger to forgiveness and ultimately to acceptance of who she is so that she could move forward with love in her heart. She talks about the profound impact Dr. Wayne W. Dyer had on her life, as well as her extraordinary experience with renowned healer John of God. Dana goes on to answer questions about the nature of forgiveness and explains her work as an advocate for other survivors of sexual abuse.