Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Louise Hay’s Self-Care Rituals

In this cheery conversation with best-selling author and founder of the Kindness Center Michael Chase, Hay House founder Louise Hay explores her recent transition away from work and career and into a life of play. She has cleared the decks, readying her life to receive wonderful things—and has been rewarded with an incredible new relationship! Louise talks about the need to trust life and the danger of the word should. She stresses the importance of the simple things, offers tips on expelling anger and moving toward forgiveness, and explains the value in learning about your parents’ childhoods. She goes on to share her favorite self-care rituals, her go-to sources of inspiration, and the affirmations that help her the most. “Every single person on this planet is doing the very best they can with the understanding and information and knowledge they have up to that point,” Louise explains.