Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Power of Awareness to Transform Your Life through Mindfulness, Compassion & Well–Being!

  • How to develop “Lovingkindness” and to see the inner beauty of those around you
  • Expanding your “Circle of Affection”—don’t forget to include yourself!
  • How to strengthen self–compassion and overcome self–judgment and an unconscious trance of unworthiness and negative self–talk
  • Overcoming negative self–talk and other limiting beliefs
  • Cultivating vulnerability and tenderness toward yourself and others,%20Tara%20Brach,%20and%20HeatherAsh%20Amara&_bta_tid=027474282621392260977734893393639514146189165604836821460055301179075260384511789427078025954911703042&_bta_c=boiztcd79egqp1j3gvswzrf6mi2ka