Saturday, May 6, 2017

How to Remove the Blocks Between You and Love

Dr. Barbara De Angelis has made a 35-year career out of the subject of love (resulting in
15 bestsellers and numerous hit TV and radio shows), and her newest book, The Choice for Love, makes the revelatory assertion that love is not a feeling, behavior, or relationship with another person; instead it’s an infinite energy field connecting to and flowing through all things. In this passionate conversation with fellow love doctor Robert Holden, Ph.D., Barbara explains how to tap into that energy field to solve the problems in our lives (as well as the historic challenges now facing the world), the ways in which she is both a modern mystic and a spiritual romantic, and the issues that arise when our humanity collides with our divinity. As a teacher, Barbara has long advocated the “technology of transformation”—providing tools, not just talk—and in this interview she delivers to listeners two powerful meditations as well as a sentence-completion exercise to help you remove the blocks you have put between yourself and love.