Monday, May 15, 2017

Following the Sacred Geometry of Flowers

While you won’t see a co-author listed for the gorgeous collection of flower photos and
three-word mantras You Are Enough, artist and author Zoe Summer admits the work is very much a collaboration—with Source itself! Reeling from her second divorce and a recent transcontinental move, she awoke one morning to what was essentially a mini-movie playing in her head, one that drove her to capture the sacred geometry of flowers with her iPhone and combine those images with simple, powerful mantras in a “You are…” format. In this warm conversation, Zoe explains how she overcame her original resistance the Source’s inspiration and ultimately embraced this wonderful act of co-creation; how the beauty of flowers draws us within ourselves to our heart-center, where love expands, rather than keeping us stuck in our heads, where fear resides; and why the white space surrounding each photo in the book is so crucial to bringing healing to the reader.