Friday, March 4, 2016

14 Elements of Persuasive Ad Copy

Learn to write ad copy that converts without going through an extensive copywriting course.
 Ralph Burns shares 14 super simple tips that will get you started writing your ad copy.
Look for the downloadable document in the podcast notes ( that you can tack to the wall next to your workstation.  Use it the next time you face the dreaded blank screen.


  • How to make your ad copy stand out even though you can’t change the font size, use bold, italics and underlining.
  • The “Homer not Hawking” ad copy targeting principle (You learned all the words you need to write high-performing ad copy in elementary school)
  • The most effective word to use in your ad copy (and when you shouldn’t use it)
  • When to use Facebook Call-To-Action Buttons, “long ass copy” and a secondary calls-to-action in the URL field.