Friday, March 4, 2016

Three Easy Non-Fiction Kindle Templates

Each template can be easily adapted to your topic, and they are all built in a way that makes
writing your book a breeze. You’ll love every moment on your journey to become a prolific author.
    • Why templates will help you write your book faster, without killing your creative juices.
    • How using a template could actually liberate your muse rather than keep it caged.
    • When to use templates and when absolutely not to use them.
    • How to come up with your own templates and make your books even more unique.
    • Why this element will help you write faster and better.
    • How one element can make your books unforgettable and help your readers get your stuff.
    • Ways to write your books in as little as two hours.
    • How writing non-fiction can be fun when you imply this to your writing.