Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life Coaching: Do’s, Don’ts, and Vital Distinctions

Much like the practice of an attorney, a physician or a psychologist… a life coach is a
professional who provides clients with feedback, insights and guidance to help them reach their goals, from an outside vantage point. 
The major difference is that coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action.
 In this powerful alliance, clients find themselves:
- Doing more than they would on their own 
- Taking themselves more seriously 
- Creating momentum and consistency
- Taking more effective and focused actions
- Becoming more balanced and fulfilled 
There are many reasons that people reach out and hire a life coach. Most are experiencing some kind of transition, or new goal they want to reach. They know that hiring someone to help them focus on the end result will get them there more quickly and with less pain along the way.
 When’s a good time to hire a life coach? Lots of times… when making a career transition, starting a new business, feeling dissatisfied in any area of life, re-evaluating life choices, or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs.