Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy

Here’s some of what you’ll experience in this class:

  • The light-years-ahead brain imprinting technology developed by legendary success expert, John Assaraf, and leading brain scientist, Mark Waldman, that'll directly install in your brain the blueprint of highly abundant people almost overnight.
  • Experience a 30-min Innercise For Instant Transformation Of Your Beliefs & Habits that will leave you with a powerful subconscious mechanism for thinking, acting and attracting abundance. 
  • The answer to the question you’ve been asking all your life: why do some people stay stuck at a particular income level no matter how hard they try… while some others rocket into massive abundance with little to no struggle?
  • The 3 mindset shifts that brain researchers at UC San Diego and feedback from John’s over 100,000 students confirm are the biggest needle movers when it comes to winning the game of money. 
  • How to leverage on Neuroplasticity and Neuro-imprinting — the two most crucial concepts that babies use to learn to crawl, walk and eat — for permanent abundance in your life starting today. 
Do whatever you can to attend this Masterclass because it'll equip you with tools that help you automatically create more abundance in your life... and enjoy dramatic levels of confidence, self-belief and motivation.