Sunday, April 3, 2016

How to Craft an Eye-Catching Query and Land an Agent

Writing a query letter and querying agents can be a frustrating experience for writers, but it's
actually a very simple process. In this live webinar, Jess Regel will demystify the query letter. You will learn the basics of how to write a query letter and how to get the best results from agents.
Jess has been agenting for over a decade and has found a lot of her authors through the slush pile. In this webinar, she will give you real life examples of queries that she has received that have resulted in an offer of representation. She will also give examples of what NOT to do in your query and explain why. Jess will walk you through the thought process that agents go through when they are reading their submissions folders and explain how you can get more requests from your query.
Writing a query is the first step toward getting an agent and getting published, learn how to do it right and you'll stand out in the slush pile!

  • The importance of the query letter
  • The basic structure of a query
  • Query Do's and Query Don'ts
  • How to determine which agents to query in the first place
  • The process of querying oWhat to do if your query isn't working