Sunday, April 3, 2016

Write Captivating Opening Pages that Grab Readers' (and Agents') Attention

Strong opening pages are essential to getting your novel noticed by an agent.
First pages often dictate whether an agent requests a manuscript or rejects the query, and first chapters can mean the difference between capturing and sustaining a readers' attention or losing it entirely.
As an agent with Gelfman Schneider / ICM Partners, Victoria Marini has been selling Adult and Young Adult Fiction for years. She'll share her first-hand knowledge of what she looks for in the opening pages of fiction, and what she lets go.
Learn how to create opening pages that capture attention, sustain interest, and ultimately compel readers to keep turning the pages. Develop authentic characters readers will care about, set pacing and plotting that will streamline your storytelling, and avoid the common mistakes that downgrade your craft.

  • How to pique interest
  • The importance of demonstrating your authorial voice
  • Ways to set a foundation for your narrative
  • How to build the narrative on that foundation
  • How to stay focused and keep the storytelling streamlined
  • The various elements of conflicts and inciting events
  • The difference between Action and Action!
  • Pitfalls that will bore, tire, irritate, and generally put off readers