Friday, June 10, 2016

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever

Everyone who purchases within this enrollment window is getting an exclusive invitation to
an upcoming online event: Jumpstart Your Goal-Setting (LIVE!). I'm going to teach you how to get traction with your goals right away, and I'll be answering your questions in real time.
Here's what I'll be talking about...
  • How to use my top productivity hack to stay focused even on the craziest of days (this is a brand new tool I've never shared before)!
  • The secret to avoiding getting derailed on your fitness goals when you're traveling, attending countless events, or have a house full of kids that throw your schedule into chaos.
  • The most important strategy for making progress on your business goals so you don't lose momentum over the summer and are able to start the third quarter stronger than ever.
  • The routine I use every week to make sure none of my goals fall through the cracks when life gets busy or my motivation wanes.
  • A simple framework for knowing what type of goals to set (and which ones to avoid) on an abbreviated timeline.
Most just put their goals on hold once life gets crazy in the summer months. But can your dreams really wait until fall? I've tracked the trends, and I can tell you that people usually let their goals slide in the summer and get serious again in September and October.