Friday, June 17, 2016

the DYBO Course

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  • ‘Buts’ are energy blocks that get in the way of your purpose and calling.
  • To create tangible results, we must release 'Buts' which cause kinks in our process.
  • Dancing through the 5 phases of DYBO removes your energetic blocks!
  • Tune into your body and RECOGNIZE where thoughts and feelings may be stagnant and stiff.
  • UNRAVEL the chains of slow, stuck vibration and patterns of reactivity and dis-ease.
  • Effectively RELEASE the weeds that choke the flow of joyous thriving and creative energy.
  • Welcome and receive the flow of infinite passion to RESTORE your vitality, connection, and purpose.
  • Allow yourself to REJOICE and celebrate the new expansive space you've created within.