Friday, June 10, 2016

The Power of One Idea

If you had an idea for a product or services that would improve people’s lives, would you
want to develop it?

Of course, you would.

And would you like to get paid every time someone bought the product?

Who wouldn’t?

Well, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve had those kinds of ideas in the past and that you’ll have more in the future.

The question is what you will you do the next time you have an idea that inspires you…

Will you bring it to life so it can move people’s lives forward? Or will you let it die in your mind?

I’d like you to keep those questions at the top of your mind as you watch today’s video. Because this video (and the two that follow it) show you:

  • The impact that one idea can have on you and countless people around the world.
  • How to build a team to help you develop and execute your idea. 
  • How to move into action and take your idea to the market.