Saturday, June 11, 2016

Live Group Meditation With The Project:Yourself Tribe

Imagine having an inner circle of spiritual superheroes you meditate with once a
month, ready to accelerate anything you want to manifest - from acing a project at work to attracting a lover to sparking a positive change in your community.
That’s exactly what you’ll get when you join thousands worldwide in Project:Unity’s group meditations - hosted by Project:Yourself co-founder Dr. Puja Shah, and a selection of other acclaimed guest trainers (this could be anyone from world-renowned scientists to spiritual leaders to astronauts - our network is wide!).
How it works is simple: just select a Project:Unity subscription package on this page, and you’ll receive a monthly invite to join an online guided meditation at a pre-selected time, along with thousands of Projectors from across the world - our collective consciousness united in perfect and powerful harmony.