Thursday, June 30, 2016

Evolving a Holistic, Joyful Practice

In the course of 7 weeks, you’ll explore key teachings and discover how to apply
them in your life, such as:
  • Making yoga a holistic, evolutionary 24/7 practice that truly touches every aspect of your life
  • Understanding the purpose of manifest reality and how to live more purposefully
  • Discovering how to balance the sword and the lotus, stillness and dynamism, masculine and feminine — and how to activate each of them when needed
  • Expanding your understanding of Self and the nature of Reality
  • Balancing between time-bound expressions and ego and the timeless state of God Consciousness
  • Unifying love and wisdom and seeing them as reflections of a single source
  • Discovering how to create sacred relationships and a sacred family
  • Appreciating how to have a healthy teacher-student relationship in our modern context
  • Exploring how to experience radical aliveness — liberation from fear, guilt and worry