Friday, June 17, 2016

the 6-Pillar System that has helped Coaches, Consultants, Educators, Transformational Teachers

Here are some of the things you will get insights on in the live cast.

  • Discover the 6-pillar system that allows you to understand, evaluate and accelerate your Online Education Business.
  • Beat Overwhelm & End the Business Plateau: Learn how to evaluate your business strategy based on the principles of "Influence" and "Solutions", and how listening to the noise in the world may be the biggest reason that has led to your business becoming stagnant.
  • Conversions through Conversations:Create deeper connection with your audience as you understand some key principles of building trust, bonding and vulnerability -- this will allow you to communicate with your clients more authentically, powerfully and passionately
  • Building "The Team" that will actually support the vision, accelerate your growth and support you working in your genius (also some key systems that will support management of these folks without you having to spend hours managing them ;)
  • Product Grid: The Ultimate System to building products that escalate your clients from merely knowing you to absolutely loving you. Results for your clients, abundance for you. Know what product to exactly work on next.
  • Your Questions Answered LIVE. Everyday. For 6 Days. LIVE.