Sunday, August 28, 2016

A course for Yoga Practitioners and Seekers of a More Profound and Complete Experience of Health & Wellbeing by Cate Stillman

A fantastic course with about 7 hours of super-fresh,

useful, practically applicable content, this course is one
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  • How does energy work
  • How to know if you’re out of balance by the way you breathe
  • Getting centered on how energy works
  • Energy and auto-immune disorders
  • How can you use this energy and this knowledge to
    understand your unique constitution?
  • How they work in terms of the greater laws of nature in daily
    and seasonal routines
  • How to attune to your rhythms to slide the scale from unnecessary
    ageing to revitalization, rejuvenation, vitality and repair
  • The full spectrum from pre-conception to death
  • What is inter-generational wellness?
  • The outer eco-system and inner eco-system and their exchange
  • Developing a cooperative relationship with nature and ourselves
  • The different rites of passages of life
  • Understanding polarity
  • Enhancing our yoga, day to day living
  • Chakras and the flow of energy
  • The Nadi’s or the channels of energies
  • Energy channels attuned to Kapha and Pitta- Ida and Pingala
  • What the location of weight deposition on your body tells about your personality
  • Factors behind feeling weighed down- the elements affecting your weight
  • Different zones of the face where different imbalances are indicated-what
    forehead issues, t-zone issues and jawline issues indicate
  • How energy works out of balance: when do you have too much water and earth,
    too much fire or too much air and space 
  • How the 3 Doshas work through the daily patterns
  • Dominant energies and different times of the day
  • How to organize your day according to energetic requirements?
  • How, by sleeping and waking at the right time, we can facilitate the bodily
    function of repair
  • How, by eating at the right time we can facilitate the bodily function of
    Cleansing and transforming
  • Why you think xyz will or won't work for you
  • What your habits do to your identity
  • The 3 terms that will actually make you see the power you have over
    your life
  • Tantric understanding of the Gunas
  • Why staying up late at night is making you gain weight
  • Ways and practices to ‘feed’ each of your 5 bodies
  • Practicing 5-Body hygiene
  • We get energy from food- that’s true, but not the full story
  • Habits that will help you align with the Koshas
  • When your constitution is your ‘Prakruti’ and when its your ‘Vikruti’
  • Things that will sink your ship
  • The different workout for different purposes:
  • ----- To center, to cool and to energize
  • Navigating our geriatric phase/cares
  • How to alleviate imbalances in Pitta phase and elongate Vata time or
    ‘old age’
  • How buildup of Doshas/imbalances creates a lot of negativity
  • What are the things that make it harder for the family to thrive
  • Reaching the stage where your intuitive body directs your identity
  • What you can do to transition into the Vata/old age
  • The importance for teens to know about their biorhythms
  • How can you consume life-force?
  • Which are the foods with more life-force?
  • Which are energetically dead/dumb foods- the S.A.D. diet- standard
    American diet
  • Natural ways of preserving food
  • When you’re borrowing energy from your organs
  • How to prepare food
  • Food for your constitution
  • ‘Nutrification’- where do you want to go with your beliefs and food?
  • Kitchen Sadhana- uplevelling of what and how we’re eating
  • Kitchen habits
  • Food:
    • ----- Fermentation
    • ----- Dehydration
    • ----- Raw vs Cooked
    • ----- Soups, Salads, Marinades
    • ----- Animals
  • The 3 places to find imbalances
  • What the Skin, Gut and Lungs can tell you
  • Tongue as the map of the entire Gastro-Intestinal tract
  • How to make mood issues dissipate
  • The approach to exercise and yoga
  • Prana, Tejas, Ojas
  • Vata, Pitta and Kapha reducing yoga practices
  • Practices you should you do if:
  • you’ve been travelling a lot/there’s been trauma in your life
  • you need a lot of focus and intensity
  • your life is sedentary/there is weight gain
  • Context for your Yoga practice
  • The downward and upward flow of energy
  • Important tips to help you through your yoga practice
  • Energy dynamics of issues around lower back pain, issues
    around the heart etc. and how to balance it with yoga practice
  • How to create your own healing space
  • Cleaning your physical space- architect better choices
  • A key link to the development of auto-immune diseases.
  • The healing diet
  • How do we return to the slow healing vibrations and emerge
    more deeply aligned and empowered
  • Learning subtle practices that will help you grow deeper, more
    intrinsic energy
  • How to tap into your own healing sanctuary
  • Learn how to read your tongue and decipher signs of imbalance
    in your body
  • All about the 7 Chakras
  • Vata Detox, Pitta Detox, Kapha Detox
  • Daily practices for your detox
  • Meditation
  • Silence
  • Media & Socializing
  • Make Your Space Sacred
  • Imbalances fostered by each dosha
  • Spice as Medicine Decoder
  • Digging into Spice
  • Ginger, Fennel, Black Pepper, Cayenne, Cardamom, Turmeric, Vehicles
    for ingesting Herbs, Water, Fermented Liquids, Honey, Milk, Aloe
AND MUCH,