Tuesday, August 30, 2016

the Webinar Mastery Academy

The Webinar Mastery Academy is an online experience that will teach you the 12 core
components of a successful and profitable webinar campaign. This isn’t theory or fluff. It’s not about shiny objects or flash.
This is about teaching you the “fundamentals” of strategic webinar marketing that work, and most importantly, HOW to implement them.
Why are webinars so powerful? Check out these stats…
  • Webinars were voted the #1 lead generation tool by online marketers (ON24 Webinar Benchmark Report 2016)
  • The Content Marketing Institute lists webinars only behind in-person events in sales effectiveness (69% vs 64%)
  • Webinars generate on average 57 minutes of live attention to build rapport, teach and offer your products and services  (ON24 Webinar Benchmark Report 2016)
  • Webinars have significantly higher sales conversion rates than a sales page alone (20% vs 2.35% according to

People from all over the world are using webinars to build their audience, generate more leads, and sell their products and services. 

People like...
  • Ellen the social media consultant
  • Aaron the physical therapist
  • Jeremy the gym owner
  • Tom the chiropractor
  • Kim the grief and loss coach

Coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, software entrepreneurs, online business owners, and offline business owners alike, are using webinars to reach more of their ideal audience. 

If you are looking to master the most effective business building tool online....webinars....