Friday, August 19, 2016

How To Get Clients ...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You

W E B I N A R - T R A I N I N G
Here's what's in the training:
1. A real-world example of how targeting a different type of prospect generates a 300% increase in revenue  …for the SAME service. (From the Florist niche, strangely enough...)

2. The six-part client central model from getting leads and converting them into paying clients. 

3. The five-part Irresistible Intrigue offer that causes prospects to qualify themselves to you and ask you to help them …all while they’re fully aware of your rates. (No more discussions about price!)

4. The three-part “Collaborative Close” method I personally use to close every client …without pressure or any “traditional selling”.

5. Behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the three different types of client-getting campaigns I’m using …complete with screenshots, email examples, traffic stats, and sales totals, and total profits.

And much, much more.