Monday, August 29, 2016

Telesummit – Woman Unleash Your Potential

Everyone’s life is about rewriting the playbook to deliver successful, sustained and above-
average happiness into your day. See this summit as part of your investment in yourself. Join us at the Woman Unleash Your Potential Telesummit. This FREE event will bring you interviews with 27 fabulous women.

These women will guide you to:
1) Know where you are and where you’re going
2) Create transformation in your life with a group of mentors built on trust and experience.
3) Score quick wins
4) Activate your dreams and ideas
5) Commit to coaching that will help you to work through issues, reinforcing your strengths
6) Hardwire a win win culture into your DNA

This is not a “same again” mentoring and coaching program that makes you feel less able than others. It is a compilation of the life stories of 27 leading women all recognised as specialists in their own fields of expertiseYou will hear about the difficulties that have faced, problems that have thwarted them, how they have fought to succeed and they want to share this with others so that they too can find their way.