Friday, August 26, 2016

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017

Ryan Deiss on T&C 2017 »
If you’re not familiar with the event, Traffic & Conversion Summit is the largest and most
well-respected Marketing and Conversion Conference in the world
…with over 4,000 attendees expected, many of whom are considered experts in their fields and industries.
This isn't some random speaker, “pitch fest” kind of event!
It’s the DigitalMarketer team and trusted industry experts sharing what’s new, what’s hot and what’s working right now in Digital Marketing and telling you how to apply it to grow your business.
As a result, we need to price our tickets accordingly…
However, I’m willing to offer you 65% off for a limited time for 1 big reason:
We’re still putting the finishing touches on the full T&C event site and it isn’t ready to be released yet, so I want to reward fast action takers who join us right now with a huge discount.