Saturday, July 1, 2017

5 Days to Discovering Your Purpose

In this brand new course, you will discover:

  • Make a deeper commitment to participate in your personal unfolding by identifying and activating the emerging patterns of your soul’s calling
  • Learn to let go of parental and societal influences dictating how you should be – and embrace what you were meant to be
  • Embrace what you were meant to be with love, acceptance and joy, and become a vibrant conduit to manifest your visions
  • Allow yourself to be pulled by the dynamic vision already coded within you, instead of being motivated by outside influences
  • Learn how to express and radiate your unique giftedness, let it emerge with guided inspiration to actualise your mission and purpose
  • Finally, live in a field of pure potentiality and possibility, and radiate the dynamics of peace and prosperity – truly living your magnificent vision