Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sleep & Stress Online Event

Each day of the Sleep & Stress Online Event, you will receive:

==> Daily Morning Meditations
==> Daily Evening Meditations
==> Daily expert interviews on powerful sleep and stress topics
==> PLUS just for registering you will receive a bonus download “Teas, Tonics & Elixirs For Better Sleep & Less Stress” E-Book - exclusively designed to enhance your sleep and reduce stress.

You’ll hear from globally respected sleep & stress experts such as Dr. Libby, Dr. Axe, Wim Hof, Tom Cronin and Laura Silva who will help you discover how to:

==> Identify your stress triggers and warning signs
==> Calmly manage everyday stress
==> Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
==> Achieve deep, restorative sleep
==> Reduce the anxious thoughts keeping you up at night