Tuesday, July 4, 2017

all need loving, respectful relationships

You do have the power to…
  • Feel loved no matter what is going on in your love life or with anyone else 
  • Attract relationships that support you to live your dreams and be your best self 
  • Know who you should be vulnerable and intimate with, and who not to (stop setting yourself up for heartbreak and drama)
  • Feel complete and happy without a mate and regardless of the happiness (or unhappiness) of any other person in your life (give up co-dependency for good).
  • Trust yourself to make good choices for yourself in all your relationships (even when it’s hard, so that you always act as your own best friend.)
  • Create multiple streams of love (and not just rely on just a few relationships to be your main source of love.)
  • Love yourself, first (put your self-respect, happiness and dreams first, without apology.)