Monday, July 3, 2017

Become a Super Performer at Work & Life


  • Get Rid of The 3 Useless Myths about Meditation
    Let go of myths that may be holding you back and making you feel like a meditation failure. Re-frame ‘focus’, stop trying to ‘clear your mind’ and learn to use the breath to prime your body for meditation.
  • Discover the THREE ways you can make your life richer with meditation
    Every school should teach this. It is a common tool used by billionaires and world leaders.
  • Try the Dinner-Party-Guest exercise with Emily
    This ingenious exercise lets you understand why people act the way they do towards you. Become the friend everyone wants.
  • Understand the concept of Adaptation Energy
    This is the secret of high performers and perhaps some of the most successful people you know. Learn how to start using this energy to adapt more elegantly to life’s demands.
  • Experience a 15-minute guided Meditation with Emily
    When you learn this technique you can use it in your life at any time for a boost of energy and to help you release stress that may be holding you back.