Monday, July 3, 2017

7-Steps to Creating & Profiting from Your Own Online Course

I asked Devin to share some of the value that you will receive by joining this live online training and here is what he had to say about creating online courses today:
• Why online courses are the FASTEST way to stop trading your time for money
• How to hone in on a course topic that both excites you AND your audience (Hint: If either one is missing, you'll likely fail)

• How to validate your course idea ahead of time to potentially save you HUNDREDS of hours of work and THOUSANDS of dollars

• Which online course platforms are the best for you and the needs of your course (And why you should probably steer clear of Udemy)

• What type of recording equipment do you really need to go pro

• What it REALLY takes to be successful in course creation (Because yeah, it ain't always pretty)

• What’s currently working for course launches - I mean RIGHT NOW - and how to focus your launch only on the highest leverage actions

• How to effectively market with NO EMAIL LIST or AD BUDGET (Hint: it’s all about the hustle!)