Thursday, December 31, 2015

Book and Income Accelerator Session

These are private one-to-one, book and income acceleration  strategy sessions that remove
the complexity from the book  writing process for you. They reveal our time-proven 
system to you. The session is designed to accelerate how quickly you get a quality, transformational book written and published as well as how to structure your book so it 
communicates your message in a compelling way and attracts clients and generates multiple income streams for you.

I promise you'll get excellent, high value from this complimentary session.  I've evolved the session over the past 30 years while helping thousands of professionals, teachers, business owners and other leaders to succeed.
This session is for you if you're thinking:
  • Within the next 3-12 months, I want to have written
    and published a quality book that will not only
    communicate what I know effectively to all the right
    people, but also will attract clients and generate
    multiple income streams for me starting in 2016   
  • This is not a pipe-dream and I want to have a
    breakthrough on how to do this now
  • I don't want to limit myself any more   
  • I'm ready to invest myself, my time, my money and my
    energy into creating a book that will bring me all those
  • I'm feeling a strong sense of urgency to do it now.