Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dr. Mark Hyman Interviews 33 Experts to...

When you purchase The Fat Summit recordings today, you’ll getinstant online access to the following talks…

  • Chris Kresser, MS, LAc

    Personalized Paleo

    Chris Kresser, MS, LAc

    • How to make paleo work for you
    • When high-fat diets aren’t a good idea
    • How to safeguard your gut microbiome
  • JJ Virgin

    Sugar vs. Fat for Health & Weight Loss

    JJ Virgin

    • Why eating more fat (and less sugar) actually leads to weight loss
    • The best and worst foods for fat burning
    • The role of fat in training and sports performance
  • Marc David

    Body/Mind Nutrition and The Slowdown Diet

    Marc David

    • The impact of body image on health
    • Unconscious behaviors that affect your body image and relationship to food
    • The slowdown diet for health and weight loss