Sunday, December 20, 2015

Exclusive “2016 Game-Changer” Winter


Start the year by igniting your Feminine Power with your Mastery Tribe to access the Clarity, Confidence & Power that will make this coming year your best ever.

#2 “Vision Your Game-Changing Year” One-To-One Private Coaching Session with a  certified Feminine Power Senior Coach (Valued at $200) 

Claire always says “clarity ignites our power to manifest and create”. Whether you desire to create love, purpose, health, wealth or more in Mastery, you’ll receive expert individual support and coaching during this session with one of our most experienced, senior Feminine Power coaches to craft your vision, intention and pathway to manifest your highest destiny in 2016!

#3 Career Break-through” Master Class & Group Coaching Call (Value $300)

Career Breakthrough

What’s the difference between your career and your calling?

Sometimes these two intersect, but they don’t necessarily have to. Your career primarily has to do with how you make a living. In this session you’ll discover how to break through to income opportunities that will support you to create the lifestyle you’re seeking, as well as to free up your energy to focus on your higher calling.

#4 End of Year Virtual Workshop - Power Manifestation Practices for the Feminine Power Mastery Community (Value $200) 

FP M Bonus Retreat

Harvest the gains of 2015 in your life and release and leave behind whatever is being called for you let go of, to make space for your best year ever in the Mastery Program.

Through the workshop, you’ll also discover power practices for healing, self-love, forgiveness & spirituality.

#5 Participation in weekly small group “Power Circle” Coaching Calls with Certified Feminine Power Coaches through the start of Mastery with your new Mastery sisters (Value $500)

FP M Coaches with Claire

Co-led by the Feminine Power Leadership Core (certified Feminine Power Coaches and Facilitators trained and mentored by Claire for over five years), the Power Circles are an optional opportunity to gather each week to integrate the practices and reflections in the bonus sessions in preparation for the Mastery program.

These “Power Circles” are profoundly intimate and inspiring and filled with connection and camaraderie from your sisters in the program and Feminine Power Coaches.

#6 Inspiring Bonus Workshops on applying Feminine Power to specific Areas of your Life (Value $600)

  • Connecting with Your Higher Purpose (Valued at $150)
  • Calling in Your Soulmate - How to use Feminine Power to Attract the Love of Your Life (Valued $150)
  • Life Visioning Master Class (Valued $150)
  • Power Manifestation Practices (Valued at $150)