Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Abundance Principles Coaching Program

The Abundance Principles Coaching Program includes:

7 training videos that explain the principles of creating abundance. You'll discover how to consciously create abundance, change your beliefs, and open to receive ... so you can expand your abundance in any area of your life you choose.
Daily statement videos that help you get into the vibration of abundance on a daily basis. Use these statements to shift your energy and go deeper with the principles you're learning in the training videos.
The Abundance Principles guidebook that functions as “your self-coaching tool,” prompting you to reflect on specific questions that will create the release of old beliefs and patterns. You'll change organically – without having to “white knuckle” through situations that used to be the points at which you would typically default into old behavior.
Ceremony of Light and Abundance ... a meditation to help you claim and expand even more of your abundance exponentially. Delivered as both an audio download and online video.
4 Steps to Expand Success ... a training video that will help you expand your trust in the universe. You'll come to believe that it IS abundant — so you can create even more expanded success and anchor that into your vibration. In addition to the video, you'll receive an audio download and a transcript.
4 Steps to Change ... a training video that will show you how to shift any lower level vibration, thought, situation or circumstance in your life. In addition to the video, you'll receive an audio download and a transcript.
Declaration of Abundance ... a video that will walk you through a process to declare that you are ready for wealth and abundance – and that YOU are the source of your abundance. You'll have the power to create as much as you desire, whenever you want.

9 Automatic Ways We Think in Lack. This handy download lists the various ways we sabotage our abundance with limited thinking. When you are aware of these ways, you have the power to shift them and align yourself with the unlimited flow of abundance into your daily life.