Sunday, December 27, 2015

Resurrecting Jesus - Self-Guided Video Course

The story of Jesus has not waned in its power to change lives. Although many of us grew up
in a culture suffused by the mythos of Jesus, today we feel disconnected from the essence and vitality of his teachings. With Resurrecting Jesus, Adyashanti invites us to rediscover the life and teachings of Jesus as a direct path to what may be the most radical of transformations: spiritual awakening.

What You Will Receive:
  • 12 hours of recorded video-learning sessions, yours to download and keep
  • 1 2-hour recorded video session of Q&A with Adyashanti
  • Written questions for reflection and contemplation

Jesus crossed all of the boundary lines that separated the people of his time because he viewed the world from the perspective of what unites us, not what divides us. In nine captivating video sessions, Adyashanti invites us to consider the man known as Jesus as an exemplar of the realized state and a model of enlightened engagement with the world.
Adya begins by sharing his personal ties to the life and teachings of Jesus—and how his background in Zen Buddhism and his own journey of awakening inform his unique understanding of "what it means to be in true relationship with the eternal principle." He then unpacks the story of Jesus from his birth to the Resurrection, revealing how the key events in Jesus’ life parallel the stages of spiritual awakening—and what that might mean for each of us individually.
In our closing sessions, Adya illuminates the central archetypal figures of the Jesus story, including Peter, John, Mary Magdalene, Judas, and Pontius Pilate, and how they might be viewed as spiritual approaches at work within each of us. He concludes with a profound discussion of "the Christ Presence" and the embodiment of the universal Christ consciousness.