Monday, December 28, 2015

Change Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Lose Fat Over 40 is a 12-week Group Program based on the Transitions Lifestyle
System. It approaches you as the whole person you are - mind, body, and spirit!
Let’s face it. Weight loss over 40 can be challenging. Changing hormones and sinking metabolism are a powerful combination. The situation this calls for some major changes in diet and lifestyle…and they can be tough to make on your own.
That’s why I created Lose Fat Over 40. This program is designed to teach you strategies for eating the right foods (in quantities you can totally live with forever) for this time in your life. It’s based on the Transitions  Lifestyle System (TLS); a proven, unique approach to weight loss and includes a group component to give you extra support from others who are facing the same challenges you are.