Tuesday, May 31, 2016

60 Days to Build and Sell Your First Course

Diane HolmesLisa Cherney
  • Why the "info product" industry is about to go bust, and how you can succeed and thrive instead.
  • What hit shows like Seinfeld can teach you about rapidly launching profitable courses.
  • How to narrow your expertise down to a "minimum viable offer" that people want... and will happily PAY YOU FOR!
  • Why creating fancy videos or investing in expensive membership technologies can *HURT* your chances of succeeding with your course.
  • An honest answer to the question "how much can I expect to earn from my course launch?"
  • What top marketers have learned from Ivy-league behavioral science research about the best way to sell courses.
  • The TWO pricing levers that you can pull to charge premium prices and create great experiences for your customers, while still launching as quickly as possible.
  • The *only* 3 things that you absolutely need to successfully launch your course
  • A simple (but counter-intuitive) exercise for finding your niche and initial offer (even if you have no idea where to start)
  • The "pre-sell email campaign" strategy for selling your course before you build it
  • How to get joint venture partners to promote you, even if you're just getting started and nobody knows who you are.
  • How to sell coaching services while launching your pilot, to multiply the scale of your results.
  • The specialized sales script that you can use to enroll students on the phone, without being the least bit salesy or pushy.