Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tapping the Power of the Angels: Help, Healing, Love, and Prosperity

In this warm and witty conversation, Sandra Anne Taylor uses her wealth of knowledge
and experience in metaphysics, quantum theory, and traditional psychology to show you how to enlist the help of the angels and move beyond self-sabotaging patterns. Learn the origins of Sandra’s powerful decoding and coding techniques—which are explained in-depth in her book Your Quantum Breakthrough Code—and get started shifting your consciousness and taking back your power. While negative codes may have taken root early in life, you can release them now. All you have to do is ask—and there are legions of angels eager to help you! In her powerful Sacred Temple meditation and in the accompanying worksheets, Sandra guides you in asking the angels to transform your life using the power of the field of all possibility. Sink into heart consciousness and enjoy the good the angels have to offer!