Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Uncooked Lifestyle: Quick Tips for Going Raw

Tanya Maher, author of The Uncook Book and raw-food advocate, wants you to fully
embrace your body’s intuitive power. She believes that as you get to know what your body wants and needs, you will make healthier choices to help it function properly. Tanya learned to pay attention to the food she ate when, at the young age of 14, she suffered an accident that made eating her normal foods difficult. Now she encourages you to look to nature for clues, and emphasizes the importance of enzymes that are stripped from food through the cooking process. Change doesn’t have to be drastic: start small by adding a few raw foods to your diet or even going fully raw for 24 hours. The most important thing to remember, Tanya says, is that “your body knows exactly what you need to not only survive but also thrive.” You simply need to start listening.