Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Yass Method: Treat Chronic Pain Yourself (without Surgery!)

Dr. Mitchell Yass, creator of the Yass Method for Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Pain
and author of The Pain Cure Rx, wants you to know that you can have control over your chronic pain. A longstanding belief in Western medicine holds that chronic pain is caused by a structural problem—such as a fracture or break—but Dr. Yass believes that most chronic pain problems are muscular issues. This is good news, because it means that you can help heal yourself—without resorting to aggressive surgeries. Throughout this riveting conversation, Dr. Yass gives exercises and self-tests that you can perform at home. He emphasizes simple resistance exercises designed to increase functional capacity: exercises that help you live pain-free, without spending hours at the gym. So if you, or someone close to you, is suffering from chronic pain, spend an hour with Dr. Yass before considering a painful (and potentially unnecessary) surgery.