Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Exploring the Ancient Mexican Practices of Healing and Rejuvenation

Join Sergio Magaña—one of Mexico’s most renowned experts in the Toltec dreaming
tradition of healing and energy work—as he shares the ancient secrets of these practices and shows how they can be applied, with powerful effect, to 21st-century living. Despite being born into a Catholic family, Sergio became well versed in indigenous medicine techniques and developed his abilities as a healer from a young age, thanks to the many great teachers fate placed in his path. Now his thousands of followers have benefited from his healing and rejuvenation practices. In this invigorating interview, he shares some of the principles behind the work he does, including the importance of numbers, energetic fields, and working with the dream state so that we can all get in touch with our own innate healing abilities. Sergio includes an extended visualization exercise that listeners can adapt to help heal any specific health concerns they have. Bring the power of the ancients into your life today!