Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Worthy: You Have Always Been Whole

In this intimate interview, integrative life coach Nancy Levin explores the idea of worthiness.
Realizing that she had lived most of her life putting her worthiness in the hands of others, chasing validation, and trying to be “deserving,” Nancy reached a profound conclusion: Just by being, we are worthy. Worthiness is intrinsic, something we’re all born with—it’s not something that we have to achieve or prove. Moreover, Nancy realized that it is our fear of not being worthy that is always at the root of all our shadow beliefs and negative conclusions we draw about ourselves. In this beautiful discussion and exploration of self-worth, Nancy also shares her latest insights from her recent Vipassana meditation in Thailand—“the most demanding physical and mental experience of my life”—and her thoughts about inhabiting the fullness of each moment. Ending with a powerful exercise on worthiness, Nancy will leave you with a profound sense of peace and worth that has been with you all along.