Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One Breath at a Time: A Holistic Approach to Recovery from Addiction

Tommy Rosen is an addiction-recovery expert and founder of Recovery 2.0, a global
movement of people embracing a holistic approach to recovery from addiction. Defining addiction as any behavior you continue to do despite the fact that it brings negative consequences to your life, Tommy explains how we all face issues of addiction. “Well, you may not be a fall-down drunk or addicted to painkillers, a gambling addict, a chronic pot-smoker, anorexic, or addicted to porn,” he says, but “you likely struggle with addiction in other ways, such as workaholism, overeating, shopping beyond your means, or engaging addictively with technology.” Beyond the addictions in our lives that distract us from the present moment, Tommy explains the four aggravations we face and how we can be stuck within them—and how to get out. Tommy concludes by leading listeners through an “Alternate Nostril Breath” exercise that helps relieve stress.