Monday, May 30, 2016

step-by-step system for generating more sign-ups and more sales

Jon Schumacher has successfully hosted over 200 live webinars in the past few years.
He is the co-author of the Amazon Best-Selling book, Hangouts Marketing Mastery: Your Platform to Enhance Visibility, Attracy Ideal Clients, and Increase Revenue.
In 2016, Jon co-hosted one of the biggest online webinar events of the year, the Webinar Mastery Summit.  There were more than 3,000 participants and the summit generated five figures in revenue.  
Jon is a highly sought after coach and "walk-the-talk" mentor. He doesn't just provide training and products that teach people how to sell their products and services. He has used these practices in his own coaching/consulting businesses successfully.
Jon eagerly takes his followers by the "virtual hand" and patiently guides them to shorten their webinar learning curve and implement practices that yield profitable results.
Jon has personally guided other aspiring entrepreneurs in the healthcare, higher education, and finance industries to quickly generate tens of thousands of dollars in online sales using webinars.